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ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada)

- Life and Times- Introduction -

Kuvempu- His Birth, Childhood and Life

His Initiation into Learning- School Days

A Poem That Became His Childhood Guru

His Studies at Mysore

His First English Poem

Kannada at the Time of Colonial Rule

His Meeting the Irish Poet James H Cousins

His Writing poetry in Kannada

His Trip to Calcutta

His Marital Life

His Teaching and Writing

KaviShaila, Poets home after 1994

"No one can write about my life. It is because it has not traversed so outwardly as to be visible to the eyes of humans." These remarks of Sri Aurobindo serve to warn anyone attempting a biography of another. Every man's life is a product of what is apparent and what is not. Often, biographies document accomplishments that meet the eye. Immeasurable inner conflicts of the person whose biography often remain in dark. It is not uncommon in the history of biographies. Thus, no biography of an achiever can ever provide a complete picture of his life, witnessed and unseen.

Notwithstanding such threats, for many reasons, we cannot play down the importance of biographies of personalities of great accomplishment. They are indispensable in the cultural contexts. The life lead by a person in the path of creativity and that person's accomplishments influence generations; that person becomes a guiding light for others. The life and works of Sri K.V. Puttappa (Sri. KUVEMPU) have created possibilities for investigation of the very purpose of human existence. They serve a perpetually useful purpose.

Writing about someone cannot become a vision on the personality, much less when the person about whom it is written is like Sri. KUVEMPU. Nonetheless, remembering those personalities who embody humanity, that have carried enormous social responsibility over their shoulders, often, is a kind of expression of our gratitude. The life sketch of Sri K.V. Puttappa the poet who is an epoch himself is created with such humility.

[Picked from Shri K. C. Shiva Reddy's book - Ugada Kavi (Poet of the Era). Translated to english by Shri R Vijayaraghavan]

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